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Vicar St,

10th July 2018

At The Drive-In announce their triumphant return to Vicar Street this July

The Poincaré recurrence theorem posits certain mathematical systems will resume a state closely resembling their initial state following a finite length of time. Upholding this theory, it only took 15 years for At The Drive-In to return to the studio and record the follow-up to 2000’s seminal Relationship of Command and the El Paso, TX-born band’s fourth full-length album, IN·TER A·LI·A [Rise Records].

Life’s circular current delivered the quintet—Cedric Bixler [vocals], Omar Rodriguez-Lopez [guitar], Paul Hinojos [bass], Tony Hajjar [drums], and Keeley Davis [guitar]—back to this point with the same sound and fury that indisputably defined a turn-of-century musical movement. Now, the group siphon their signature-controlled chaos with tendrils of punk energy and avant garde fearlessness through a clearer lens of wisdom and experience.

“We still get in the room and feel like it’s the first day,” admits Tony. “When we get together, there’s this uneasiness, excitement, and youthful joy. We used everything we learned over the years, but we remembered that this is At The Drive-In. When it came to this band, we always likened it to a gang. That’s how we lived. To this day, I still feel that us against the world mentality. It works for us in the chemical equation. For all intents and purposes, we started in a garage. We played all of the basements we could, and we moved up to kitchens. We’re still that band in our heads.”

“It was about getting back to that primordial self,” adds Cedric. “We essentially agreed, ‘We need to honor the last record. We need to go forward, be the fucking core of what we are, and ignore everything we learned in our years apart.’ It was a great lesson in communication. We wanted to honor the fan base and the frame of mind of being young. Most of us have children. It’s very easy for me to access that wonder where there really shouldn’t be any rules.”

The musicians spent 2016 on their first proper tour since 2001. Their travels took them from a sold out run in North America to explosive appearances everywhere from Denmark’s Roskilde and Splendour in the Grass down under to Summer Sonic in Japan. During a nine-day spell in Seoul, South Korea, they finally hit their stride writing new music in a tiny rented studio.

IN·TER A·LI·A. Produced by Omar and Rich Costey [Muse, Sigur Rós, Santigold], marks the first time a band member helmed production for an the At The Drive-In album, while Tony would meticulously oversee mixing and mastering. Burning through incendiary takes, recording wrapped in under a month.

The album title, Latin for ‘Among other things,’ proves utterly apropos. “It’s a snapshot of life right now and the inevitability of where we might be headed,” Cedric explains. Thankfully, 16 years later, we have At The Drive-In back in the same spot, doing what they do best—rewriting all the rules.

“After all this time, At The Drive-In still means brotherhood, that gang mentality, and now more than ever, it means family,” Tony leaves off. “Because we have our own families, we’re older and wiser, and we understand each other a lot more. Recently, Cedric texted me, ‘We conquered a fucking mountain.’ That really resonated with me. I just wrote back in all caps, ‘A FUCKING MOUNTAIN.’ It’s so true. It took a lot of tears, stories, hugs, and hard work to make this record. We were only able to accomplish it because we have the utmost respect for each other’s talents. We’re here.” – Rick Florino, February 1, 2017

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