Main Artist:

Johnny Logan 

Vicar Street

22 September 2018


In 1980 Johnny Logan won the Eurovision Song Contest singing "What's AnotherYear."

In 1987 he won the contest for the 2nd time with his own composition "Hold Me Now." He went on to win the contest for a 3rd time in 1992 as the composer of "Why Me." No other artist or composer has achieved this success in Eurovision history before or since.

Over the years he has continued to record and tour successfully throughout Europe. Probably one of the most consistent and recognised artists to have come out of the song contest.

He recently had double platinum CDs in Scandinavia as well as successful releases in Germany, Austria & Switzerland. It's taken 30 years since, Hold Me Now“ but this year he finally releases a CD with12 new compositions entitled "It Is What It Is". This CD, he feels is the natural successor to his 1987 winning song.

In Johnny's words,"It took me a year to to write this CD and a year to record it but it's really been a labour of love and I have more pride in this CD than anything else I've worked on in the last 30 years.

""I put my heart and soul into the CD, it's full of different styles of music, memories and moments, it was such a pleasure to record.

The title sums up the finished work ..... "It Is What It Is.""

Over the years I've continued writing and recording but usually only 3 to 4 songs oneach cd."

The style of music has varied, from Rock to Pop , from classical to R&B and on the lastcd a fusion of Irish and Cajun was very successful for me throughout Northern Europe.

I've really enjoyed most but not all of my recordings as sometimes it felt as though Ihad no real musical identity apart from my Eurovision songs, by changing styles so often it confused not just my audience but also myself.

Finally with the release of "It Is What It Is" I feel I've arrived at that place I've been struggling to reach.

It's a CD with everything from Rock and Roll ( House of Lucille ) to the natural follow up to "Hold Me Now" ( Forever and a day).

The whole album was recorded live with real instruments,

The songs are different but the production and my voice tie it together"

One song " Full Moon over Berlin" verges on jazz.

Most importantly, the music and songs from this CD will talk to people and translate to live performances beautifully, with heart !!

"Something that seems to be missing from most music these days."

It's taken 30 years for Johnny Logan to get here but like most good things when you listen to this CD, you will feel it was worth the wait. He's happy with where he is finally and it shows in his music.

This is today, this is Johnny Logan and this is "It Is What It Is"


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